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A Great Marketing Plan Begins With A Mobile App

Build your audience, grow your business, and increase revenue with a custom iOS and Android mobile app for your business.

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Push Notifications are the most effective way to communicate with your customers. Send messages directly to your customer’s phone screen and promote exclusive offers and sales, events, company updates or news. Target your app users based on their location or proximity to your business or competitors using our advanced geo-fencing feature. Push notifications have a 97% read rate compared to 4% with email and is the most effective way to reach your customers at the right times. Push Notifications also increase daily app opens by 540%.

Respond directly to private chat messages and provide an easy way for customers to stay connected with your business 24/7. Keep track of your customer’s app interactions and sales history and group multiple customers using tags for targeted campaigns. Require your users to register their details to access specific content on your app and capture customer information such as their name, address, email and phone number. Segment your app customers into groups using audience tags for targeted push notification campaigns and communications. Get an overview on how much customers are spending with you, how much loyalty they’ve earned and a breakdown of each order. Connect with your customers on their preferred device. Send secure messages straight to your app users.

You’ll have full control over content management and you’re able to gain valuable insights about your app. Measure, compare and report on the performance of your mobile app’s success. View and compare the number of iOS and Android app downloads across a specified date range. Whether organic or incentivised by a push notification campaign, you can learn what drives your customers to use your app. Compare the number of new users against returning users to track how well your app is performing at retaining your customers. If you’re using your app to transact – you’ll be able to view your daily earnings and download a breakdown report of your sales. For advanced insights and reporting, we make it easy for you to connect to one of the most powerful tools out there, Google Analytics.

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Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

We're sure that you’ve seen how mobile apps are helping businesses. What you haven’t seen is a business being hurt by having a mobile app. Even if your business is doing fine without a mobile app, it can do better with one. Without a mobile app, your business stands to lose marketshare and potential revenue.

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The Features You Need

Customize your app with a wide range of advanced features and functions that are designed for success. Our platform has simple to use modules for all of your business needs.

...and much more.

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Pacific App Studio is an iOS and Android mobile app development company that specializes in designing, publishing, and marketing mobile apps for businesses. We invite you to schedule a call with us to discuss how a mobile app can help your business.

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